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Giving small businesses affected by closure of milk processing factories a helping hand.

Thanks to additional funding from the Victorian Government, AgBiz Assist Ltd is now providing free and confidential financial counselling to small businesses in Northern Victoria likely to be affected by Murray Goulburn’s (MG) announced factory closures in Kiewa and Rochester.

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Apple and Pear Australia Limited, (APAL), have engaged AgBiz Assist consultants to help growers with the Packhouse Optimisation Project.

APAL recently announced that with the support of grant funding from the Victorian Government they have now commenced this project.

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Australian family farms and rural regional businesses have a poor track record in carrying out successful succession planning. Research suggests that almost half of existing family farms have not even discussed succession planning with their spouse or their family.

Australian family farms are generally family-owned and the average working age of the farmer at say 52 years of age which is substantially older than the national average for most industries.

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Financial counsellors are now available to provide support to small businesses associated with rural and regional business activities thanks to increased funding from the Victorian government.

Small rural and regional businesses are part of the overall fabric of the rural and regional community and we are delighted that free financial counselling services are now available for these businesses. 

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