AgBiz Care

AgBiz Care is a registered charity established to assist family farms, small business and agribusiness owners and their families through difficult times.

AgBiz Care

AgBiz Care is a registered charity whose purpose is to provide relief and support to rural people and assist family farms, small business, agribusiness and rural communities recover from natural disasters or when a helping hand is needed.

AgBiz Care is a community-based charity that cares about and assists regional communities, people, business and the environments in which they live and depend on for social and economic wellbeing.

What we do:

We help farmers, small business and agribusiness, rural families, and their communities to recover from natural disasters and changed or adverse circumstances that effect wellbeing by channelling support where it is required.  We provide direct relief and support services such as prepaid grocery cards and redeemable vouchers, financial counselling and other help farmers and small business, training and capacity building programs and social, economic and community wellbeing initiatives.

To do this we raise funds from philanthropic sources, accept donations from the public, likeminded business, governments and industry, and income from our social enterprise activities.  We also work with community groups, government, business and industry to assist with specific causes and provide targeted assistance when a helping hand is needed.  

Skills development

We believe building the skills of people in rural communities contributes to the resilience of our communities. We offer:

  • Financial capacity training
  • Business mentoring
  • Financial training and mentoring support
  • Tailored skills training